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Clackamas Storm Damage Repair & Cleanup Services

Has an unexpected storm left your Clackamas home or office with significant damage? Beware of storm chaser companies. There are specialized restoration techniques and equipment that are required to properly repair storm and flood damage. When your property gets damaged by a storm, time is of the essence. Steve’s Home Restoration is available any time to respond to your emergency. Give us a call today, at (503) 868-0086

Clackamas Storm Damage Repair

Besides all the rain and cold winters that we get in Clackamas, we also have some intense storms. Your home or office can suffer storm damage from severe thunderstorms, to ice and snow. When a big storm hits it can be a very confusing time. When you look around and see all the destruction the storm has caused it can be overwhelming. All you want is for your life to get back to normal, but where do you start? Steve’s Home Restoration will help you repair your storm damaged property and get back to normal.

We are your neighbors, and all our techs live in the Clackamas area, so they are accustomed to the types of severe weather damage that is typical of the area. Steve’s offers reasonable storm damage repair quotes. We know the last thing you want to do when you home is damage in a storm is to worry about cost. We also provide you with a timeline so you know what to expect. Whether you need wind or hail damage repaired, or need your entire roof replaced, Steve’s is here for you. We will professionally restore all storm damage your property has suffered. We also will also help you with any insurance claims you have to file.

Clackamas Storm Damage Repair & Cleanup Services
Clackamas Storm Damage Repair & Cleanup Services
Clackamas Storm Damage Repair & Cleanup Services

Obviously high winds tearing off shingles, a tree falling on your roof, or ice and snow causing it to collapse are just a few ways storms can damage your home. However, those are just the obvious ways. Sometimes the damage is not so obvious, and water damage if left untreated can lead to more problems. The only way to avoid further damage is to act quickly.

It is obvious that tarping is the first step, but it should be handled by a professional. If the tarp is applied improperly it could further compromise the roof and lead to more damage. Steve’s team can temporarily support any structural damage that you property may have suffered. Then our team will use special instruments to inspect your home for water damage that is hiding behind walls and ceilings.

The key to preventing further damage and getting your home back to normal after it has suffered storm damage, is to have a team of professional respond quickly. Steve’s Home Restoration is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that we can get started quickly in those critical hours following a major storm. If your Clackamas home or business suffers storm damage, don’t waste any time calling us at (503) 868-0086

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Steve's Home Restoration is proud to serve home and business owners in the Clackamas area, and we're licensed and insured for the entire state of Oregon. If you need to return your home or property back to the way it was, you should give us a call today at (503) 868-0086.

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